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6th Grade Central America plus the Caribbean

Country Display

You will create a powerpoint, prezi or projeqt presentation about your assigned nation (in Central America or the Caribbean). You could choose to operate partners, or individually. Several class times will be provided to work on the project in school. If not really complete following four category days, it should be completed in the home. As home work, you will complete a " Region Fact Sheet” that will be the bottom of the information you will utilization in your project. Date ranges to focus on project in the lecture (computers will be provided, but once you have your own computer, you may take that to school): Thursday night, November twenty first At the end of class-the plan you have chosen has to be decided and #1-2 finished Friday, Nov 22nd At the end of class #3-4 must be finished Monday, November 25th Towards the end of class #5-6 must be complete Tuesday, Nov 26th At the end of class #7-9 must be accomplished Your demonstration needs to incorporate but is NOT restricted to the following elements: � 1) location (Central America or maybe the Caribbean…. incorporate a map) 2) geography (3 major landforms (mountains, volcanoes, valleys, etc) or bodies of water) 3) background (2+ key historical situations, you do not need to feature everything. Such as: history more than colonization and independence, cycles, rebellions, etc . ) 4) government (what kind, who is the current innovator? )

5) religion (what is the most common religion/s)

6) tourist attractions (2-4 places to visit and information) 7) typical foodstuff (2-4 common dishes)

8) money (what kind of forex do each uses, conversion to the colon) 9) traditions (2-4 traditions, holiday seasons, typical clothes, folktales, etc) Be sure to contain at least 1 photo for each slip of information This kind of presentation is a project class (30 % of grade)

Due Date: Mon, December second. (EMAIL to Ms. Chrissy so this wounderful woman has a digital copy…please do NOT bring on USB)