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Carl Jung

 Carl Jung Essay Carl Jung Essay

Assessing My Personality Type Through Carl Jung's Theory

And The MBTI

Tahaira Tate

The faculty Of New Rochelle

The School Of recent Resources


Spring, 2015

Mentor: J. Idowu


The present CLAPBOARD is to investigate two concepts from this course, which are the jungian Personality types and persona assessment. This project motivated me to determine what character type I actually am, which may help me to higher understand me and others.

In order to accomplish this I have look at the textbook " Theories of Personality” by Schultz and MBTI which helped to know Carl Jung's theories as well as the Jungian Character types. I actually also applied his theory in my very own assessment persona by using refractive analysis. Jung's believes the " Important principle is absolutely one analogous” (Baynes, 1923)

My own persona

I i am now and perhaps for years recently been impatient. One example is if my friends and I intend out, I'll get ready thirty minutes before it can time to get together, all mainly because I hate to be costume and the need to wait for persons. I hate to go purchasing from people who halts into every store longer than 20 or so minutes and they are not obtaining nothing or perhaps looks around. When I shop I know what I'm looking for (color, style). I likewise notice my own patients leaped dry the moment my right now 4 years old daughter, at the age of two threw a tantrum. I possibly could not ignore her I had formed got irritated and yelled at her to stop or perhaps I'm going to appear her. Different then that the majority of people state I can become affectionate, very generous, and sensitive. My spouse and i also can be demanding, cheerful, tolerant, interpersonal, trusting, and opinionated yet more on the opposite sexual intercourse. Example in my relationships I speak more about my wants, and needs in a more strenuous tone with ultimatums as wells, nevertheless most all My spouse and i am even more relaxed during my mid adulthood stage through it all, especially in my residence with my babies. I possess use the MBTI Form Meters as an assessment device to identify my own personality type. The MBTI known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indication, " Is founded on valuable variations in the ways humans use their very own minds” (McCaulley, 2000). The MBTI was co founded by Martha McCaulley and Isabel Briggs-Myers in 75. It took me about a few minutes to take test and about two to get my report, which I agree with. In determining one's organic Myers Briggs Personality Type is difficult by the long term learning experiences. Typical question is: " Am I this way since I discovered it or perhaps is this just the way I am? " While critiquing the reviews in our character assessment, I use became drawn to both other personality desire choices.

Carl Jung's view of personality

" Jung's typology assumes humans differ in their choice of two attitudes” (McCaulley, 2000), and 4 functions. The attitudes are known as extraversion and introversion, these types focus their mental energy about objects in the outer world. While four functions will be known as Thinking, Feeling, Instinct, and Realizing, focus on mental power. In respect to Jung, extraversion is the tendency that each of us possess the desire to be friendly, and ready to accept the things that occurs in the world. Meanwhile the tendency for all of us " To target our attention on ourself, to be self conscious, and fulfill our own needs” (Lahey, 2009) is called introversion. Jung sensed that we should not have too much of these rival tendencies. These each functions is seen as either introverted or extraverted. The attitudes will be interpreted regarding what the person finds more rewarding when using one of the four functions to concentrate attention outwardly on persons and issues (extraversion) or focus attention more inwardly towards inside feelings, thoughts and tips...