By Amy Hays | 05/01/17 10:56:49California is one of the most diverse states in the country.

In fact, according to a 2017 study, there are more than 60 ethnic groups in California.

That diversity has resulted in a variety of driving schools, which have sprung up across the state.

Here are a few of the best in the state:The Driving School of Southern California is one such school, located in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank.

Its curriculum focuses on driving in an urban environment, and includes a variety:from a simulated trip to Disneyland, to a simulated drive to the top of Mount Everest, to driving a vehicle on the back of a bicycle.

Its graduates, who are paid a monthly stipend, also earn a certificate that certifies them for the driver’s license in their home state.

Students in the Driving School receive training from driving instructors, as well as advanced drivers training.

The students’ instructors, who also take driving lessons, also conduct their own driving lessons.

A driving instructor in the school is responsible for the safety of the students.

The Driving School also offers a virtual driving simulator.

The Driving Schools offers a variety and levels of education for all levels of driver, including those who have never driven before, or have only a minimal understanding of how cars work.

The California Highway Patrol has partnered with the Driving Schools to create the Driving Skills Academy.

The academy is based in Irvine, California, and is designed to teach students to recognize signs of distracted driving, and to identify and report distracted driving incidents.

There is also a simulator program, as part of the academy, where students can practice driving on their own.

The driving skills academy is also in the process of expanding to a second location, which will be in Southern California.

There, students will learn how to operate a vehicle from the driver and passengers perspective.

This will help them to better understand the traffic in their area.

The Driver School of Los Angeles offers a driving school in Culver City.

There are currently no classes available in other cities.

The school also offers driver education courses in the Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Orange Counties.

In the summer of 2019, the California Highway Safety Administration launched the Driver Training Program.

This program, which has been in operation for two years, offers a course in driver education for California drivers.

This training program also focuses on teaching students to detect and report a variety to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, including speeding violations, speeding violations that have not been reported, and a range of other violations.

The program is free for non-residents and costs $15 per session for residents.

The program also offers driving training and an emergency preparedness course.

In October 2019, students at the Driving Academy of California, located near Burbank, also received a training course.

The training course, which is being taught by the same instructors who taught the Driving school in Irvine a year ago, focuses on vehicle safety and driver-training, and provides training on the best practices for driving safely in the environment.

Students are also taught to use the “eye on the road” technique, which means looking around when the car is moving.

The courses offered at the driving school also offer an Advanced Driving School, which teaches drivers about how to safely and safely operate a motorcycle and is offered in several locations across California.

The courses are also offered through a driving simulator, which allows students to practice their driving skills on their hands.

The new California Driver Training Center, which opened in January 2019, will provide more and better opportunities for the driving education program students to gain the driving skills they need to safely navigate and navigate safely on the roads.