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 Brain Wves Essay Brain Wves Essay

1 . Define an electrocardiogram.

An electrocardiogram is a recording of the electric activity of the cardiovascular system. An electrocardiogram (E. C. G) is a simple, noninvasive process. Electrodes are placed on the skin of the upper body and linked in a specific order to a machine that, when started up, measures electric powered activity everywhere over the heart. Result usually shows up on a extended scroll of paper that displays a printed chart of activity on a screen.

2 . Precisely what are the 4 types of brain ocean and distinguish between them. Leader waves – have regularity of (8-13 Hz). Surf are frequent and stroking, are synchronous and have low amplitude. They will signify a great awake nevertheless calm human brain. Beta surf – have frequency of (14-30 Hz). Waves will be rhythmic although not so standard, and have higher frequencies. That they signify wakefulness and alertness. Theta waves- have frequency of (4-7 Hz) and are also even more abnormal. Mainly present in children, but may come in adults once engaging in profound mental activity. Delta waves- have a frequency 5 Hz or less. Surf have substantial amplitude. Takes place during profound sleep so when the reticular activating method is damped. As well signifies brain damage in adults.

3. Give a specialized medical definition of intelligence.

Mind is clear condition of conscious of one's personal and the environment in which interest is focused in immediate matter, as separate from mental activity of a great unconscious or subconscious character. 4. Precisely what are two major types of sleep and what happens in each period? There are two different types of rest. REM, which stands for fast eye activity and NREM which means non-rapid eye movement. NREM is the 1st type of sleeping you enter when you first get to sleep. Most of each of our time sleeping is put in here, making up for 73% of an adults sleep. NREM is split up into 3 phases, with every single stage choosing you further and much deeper into rest. NREM level 1 this can be the first level of NREM, starting from the moment you first drift off. Your brain starts preparing you for...