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Battle of Tippecanoe

 Battle of Tippecanoe Dissertation Battle of Tippecanoe Dissertation

The Battle of Tippecanoe was a decisive success led by Governor in the Indiana Territory William Henry Harrison within the forces of Tecumseh's developing American American indian confederation. It took place in 1811 in Tecumseh's village, present-day Battle Surface, Indiana, where the Wabash and Tippecanoe rivers meet.

As settlers take over the west throughout the Appalachian Mountains, Native Americans from the Northwest Terrain gathered about for support because these people were afraid of losing their terrain and their culture. Tecumseh, the main of the Shawnee Indians, was developed on Mad River in 1768. Since a child he found his other people suffer because the white men. To oppose American settlement, Tecumseh worked to unite various other Indian people and join in together to make a confederacy. In this manner, they could work as a big and powerful group instead of smaller sluggish groups. Tecumseh and his buddy Tenskwatawa, a spiritual leader called the Forecaster, formed a village, after then called Prophet's Town, in Upper Indiana in 1808. They will urged the Indians who have lived generally there to preserve their very own traditional methods. Because Tecumseh believed that white customs were damaging the Indian ways of lifestyle, he confident his visitors to avoid liquor, to raise all their land and also to return to their particular original Native American tradition.

In the same year, William Holly Harrison, who was the governor of the Indianapolis Territory, required Indian people, including Tecumseh and his Shawnee people, away of Indiana to Ohio. Angered by this, Tecumseh required that area should be came back to the Indians at a council appointment in Vincennes in 1810. Although he argued that the land was theirs to begin with and how chiefs did not have right to exchange it, his demand was rejected. Assuming that the Uk would support the Indians of the Confederacy, Tecumseh come to Canada to refer to the British. The Uk agreed and encouraged the confederation with supplies via Canada. When ever William Harrison discovered that the...