Australia is set to introduce two new types of road safety vehicles to its schools in 2018.

The State Government announced a $1.5 million program to provide “crossovers” to schools on Thursday, which will allow students to drive two-wheeled cars for short periods.

“Schools are key players in driving education,” the state’s Roads Minister David Elliott said in a statement.

“A range of skills and skills are needed in order to learn to drive safely and effectively in traffic, but some of the most important skills are the skills that allow you to safely react to and manage situations in your own environment.”

Crossovers can help students develop these skills.

“The new vehicles are being developed at the Driver Training Centre at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital and will allow school students to “ride” alongside other vehicles and drive for up to 20 minutes, the state government said.

It will be possible to have a driver learn to use a new “drive by” mode and learn how to control the vehicle, with the ability to move and brake to change lanes, the statement said.

The move follows similar measures announced in 2017 and 2018, which saw Australian states introduce new models of vehicles such as the Mazda6 and Ford Focus, and a new type of driver training vehicles for schools.

Read more: The ABC’s Victoria Smith reports from Perth.

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