The Austin Driving School has officially opened its doors at CES 2017, and the company announced its first new driver for a few years.

Austin Driving School CEO Andrew Houghton announced the new driver during the company’s debut at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday.

Houghtons daughter is a driver, and he says the goal of the company is to create a safe environment for kids to learn driving and the importance of driving to their future success.

The new driver is a Tesla Model S. Hougtons son, Cameron Houghons daughter, also drove a Tesla this year, and they share an interest in driving.

The company says the driver will drive for Houghson’s family business, which sells insurance, car rentals, and car finance.

The family business is part of the Houghts insurance empire.

Austin has already made a name for itself in the driving world, with the company recently launching a program for high school students to drive at their high school in order to earn credit towards their high schools driving school diploma.