AUSTRALIA’S best-known teacher is about to embark on a career as a car enthusiast.

Car Culture is a one-man show with a mission to make a name for himself and his company, Car Culture.

Mr Martin, a car teacher from the inner-west suburbs of Adelaide, will be taking on the title of “Car Culture Champion” at the annual Auto Australia Show in October.

The show will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre and will be streamed live on the Car Culture website and Facebook page.

“I’m going to have my own show and I’m going out there and doing something different,” Mr Martin told the ABC.

“The challenge for me is to make the show as good as it can be and I think I’m up to the challenge.”

The show, which is co-produced by The Auto Show Network and the Adelaide International Auto Show, will feature cars from around the world.

The first episode will air on October 23 at 7:00pm.

Mr Martins first car was a 1964 Ford Thunderbird.

“It’s been a great experience for me to see what other people are doing with cars and I thought I’d take a crack at it,” he said.

The second car he had to get his hands on was a 1967 Ford Bronco.””

The biggest challenge I had was getting my hands on a real, live Thunderbird in Australia.”

The second car he had to get his hands on was a 1967 Ford Bronco.

“That was a bit of a challenge because I couldn’t find a Bronco in Australia,” Mr Martins said.

“I was going to be driving one on the road.”

But I think the Bronco will be really fun.

I’m looking forward to driving one and seeing what all the fuss is about.

“He said he would be making his debut on stage at the show.”

We’ve got a big, fat show here, so I think if we do well, it’s a really good way to showcase what we’re doing,” Mr Marsons said.