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 Ascascas Dissertation Ascascas Dissertation

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬RD 174- Goward


Rough Draft due: 5/1/13

Final Article due: 5/8/13

1 . Examine one (1) of the following articles by Critical Pondering, Reading, and Writing: A Brief Guide to Discussion: •Chapter a few, P. 205- 216, Animal Liberation


•Chapter 10, L. 414-423, Lifeboat Ethics: The truth against Assisting the Poor

2 . Send a branded copy or email hard draft for the required due date (NO later submissions accepted) to show you have chosen one of many assigned articles and have begun to consider ideas and organization for your final article. The hard draft will enable you to receive comments for improving your composition and is well worth 12% of your final essay grade.

3. Submit on the due date a printed backup of your last essay drafted in Microsoft company Word in 12-point font size, double-spaced, and 3-5 pages long. Identify, analyze, and assess the argument through the scoring outline listed below to ensure your article is total. Use MLA formatting in the event that using direct quotes that ought to include the author's last name and page amount in parentheses (See COMPUTERTOMOGRAFIE, P. 292). Also, include a reference from the article at the end of your daily news (See COMPUTERTOMOGRAFIE, P. 301- Essay within a Collection). Critique for mistakes.

4. You should also submit the final dissertation online to get a Turnitin plagiarism check through Blackboard- Assignments- Essay 3 (View/Complete). Upload your record and click SUBMIT. You will see 1 point in Blackboard - Tools underneath My Degrees as a great acknowledgement only and is not really your essay grade.

Essay #3 Scoring Describe

Content18 factors

1 . Identity of Argument- State the matter then provide the author's premise (thesis) and conclusion. (3 points) 2 . Analysis of Argument:

•Evidence- Summarize approval for debate. (3 points) •Unstated Assumptions- Discuss author's implications. (3 points) •Concessions- State rival viewpoints given author's refutation. (3 points) 3. Analysis of Argument: