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 Archetypes Composition Archetypes Composition

Examples of Archetypes


Main character

2. " The key character leaves his or her community to go on an adventure, performing deeds that bring exclusive chance to the community”. Mother physique

5. Fairy Godmother (surrogate mother) - luxuries and redirects child, in particular when he or she is baffled and needs guidance. Represents power that can be known as on to get help if it is needed. Allows young person to solve own concerns. * The planet Mother -- associated with birth, warmth, safety, fertility, development, abundance; the unconscious. * Terrible Mother (the witch, sorceress, siren) - linked to fear, danger, and loss of life. Father Figure

2. The leader and protector of the group is often thought of as a father figure The great teacher/mentor

2. Wise aged men/women—protects or perhaps helps key character if he or the girl faces issues. The innocent

5. Child/Youth

Under dog

* The underdog is definitely the character who have seems usually at a drawback. Helping pets

* They can be animals whom help a few characters particularly the main persona in facing problem. The Sacrificial Redeemer

* " The leading part is willing to die thus to their beliefs; the main character maintains a strong impression of morality” Scapegoat/Sacrificial Sufferer

* The scapegoat determine is the individual who gets blamed for every thing, regardless of whether she or he is actually at fault. Enchantress/Temptress

Bad guy

* Working against the leading man is the bad guy.

* The villain's position is finally to be defeated by the main character. Trickster

* is apparently the opposite from the wise old man because of his close cast with the shadow archetype; however , we should mention that he has a positive aspect and may even serve a healing function through his transformative influence. Star-crossed lovers -- This is the fresh couple signed up with by like but unexpectedly parted simply by fate. Evil figure

2. The Devil

* Serpent- sign of energy and pure push; evil, problem, sesuality, break down,...