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America Gov Ch13

 America Gov Ch13 Composition America Gov Ch13 Composition

Henry Gersh

American History

Chapter 13

Section 1

Search terms and Key Ideas

1 ) The president's role while chief of state means that he is the etiqueta head in the government. 2 . The president's role since chief of party signifies that he is the leader of his political get together. His position as chief citizen signifies that he presents all the people of our country. 3. The three formal certification of a leader are that he is a " natural born citizen”, he is at least 35 years older and that he has been a resident of the United States for at least 14 years. 4. The 22nd amendment limits a person to two terms because president in order to prevent " executive tyranny”. Critical Thinking

1 . Admiral George Dewey once stated that " the office of President is not this sort of a very difficult one to complete, his obligations being mainly to execute the laws and regulations of Congress”. I believe this statement is definitely false. The president of the United States should indeed be a very tough position to posses. This man need to act as primary of sate, chief executive, chief administrator, main diplomat, commander in key, chief legislator, chief of party and chief resident. 2 . Some informal certification I believe must be necessary for a president are, a college education, years of past work in authorities, a high brains level, a great inspirational presenter and a strong moral compass. 3. I really believe that the president's salary, for 400, 500 a year, is rather set. Though he makes more than the typical American, the work as guru is significantly more difficult than that of the regular American. Because of the level of problems of the presidents work this individual deserves to earn more. By taking this kind of a fair income the director is doing our country a great service.

Section 2

Search terms and Key Ideas

1 . The presidential succession action of 1947 outlines the order of successions following vice president should the president turn into incapacitated. installment payments on your The president is considered disabled if this individual...