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A Naturalistic Perspective to the Kite Runner

 A Naturalistic Perspective towards the Kite Athlete Essay A Naturalistic Perspective towards the Kite Athlete Essay

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A Naturalistic Perspective for the Kite Jogger and Its Enlightenments to the Modern ( ,

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Abstract: By analyzing the essential naturalistic features, namely the controlling benefits of environment and heredity, it really is expected the naturalistic tendency, at least naturalistic features of the novel can be uncovered and some enlightenments on the world view in the contemporary could be gained. The early part of the thesis provides a body by giving the study background and synopsis, while the later sections aim approaching the final outcome at the work of unveiling the naturalistic features inside the novel. Keywords and phrases: naturalistic perspective; naturalistic tendency; Enlightenments upon world perspective :I106 :A :1009-5039(2010)09-0242-02

you Introduction

In literary creation, naturalists compared, on one hand, the existence of subjective elements such as creativity, exaggeration, etc . which were the technique used simply by Romanists; on the other hand, they compared the simple explanation of realists and recommends being completely objective. Naturalists hold a fresh argument which a work should be based on truth and that the copy writer is simply a great observer who also states information. The Kite Runner is Khaled Hosseini's first novel. Written against a history which has not been told in fiction ahead of, The Kite Runner explains the abundant culture and beauty of any land in the process of being destroyed. Giving cruel bloody description of the battle and the sufferings of people within Taliban judgment, Khaled presents us a social problems which can disclose man's the case nature. It is usually viewed as a criticism for the cruel Russian invasion plus the inhuman Taliban rule and a question to human nature. Together with the devastation, Khaled Hosseini as well gives us hope throughout the novel's faith in power of reading and storytelling, and in the possibilities he shows to get redemption.

two Naturalistic Designs in The Kite Runner

installment payments on your 1 Kite as A Naturalistic Symbol Inside the Kite Runner, the kite gains their symbolic meaning within the particular story. Initial, the kite corresponds with naturalistic emphasis on force of environment and naturalistic view that character is indifferent. Whether a kite can take flight high or not mainly depends on the wind flow, which is element of nature, as well as the characters inside the novel, be it Amir, Hassan or Humor, and their abruti are just like a kite controlled by the string of heredity and environment. Second, kite's activity is handled by the string as well as the wind, the industry confirmation in the naturalistic view that freewill of person is rejected and demolished by pushes that one can not control. 2 . 2 Handling Power of Environment In The Kite Runner, the impact of environment on the characters that can not be resisted is proven by their individuality, fate and behavior, etc . Amir and Hassan's characters are indebt considerably for the environment. Amir's mother perished giving birth to him, so Amir has very long regarded himself as guilt ridden for his mother's death. Even in the adulthood, the effect of the push of environment is still clear. Spending the later years of his teenage life in the Usa

States, the American benefit system offers shaped him into a selfish man. Such is the influence of environment in individual's character framing. The impact of environment is clearly embodied by Hassan's unique character: resignation. The climatic component to Hassan's resignation comes when ever Hassan can be raped by the bullies in order to protect the blue kite for Amir. His tragic resignation is presented through the view of Amir. The turning point from the whole novel and the destiny of the two also have solid association together with the controlling benefits of the environment. Following the Russian attack, everything has changed dramatically and the fates in the two had been changed. Through the war then on, the fates in the two as a result go to different destination, pre-decided by the environment. 2 . several Denial of Freewill In The Kite Runner, denial of freewill may be observed...