By Jessica Jagger-DanielsPublished June 14, 2019 04:24:54A drive-in restaurant chain is being added to the list of Australian schools receiving government funding to help equip students for different career paths.

Bee Drive-In in Sydney has been chosen as one of three Sydney-based schools on the list by the Australian Department of Education (ED) to receive funding over the next three years.

It is part of a $3.6 million package for the Sydney Bee Drive-in Restaurant to ensure that its new restaurant is a “proper place to learn” to prepare students to pursue a range to be included in a new drive-ins education curriculum.

“It’s a very important piece of the puzzle to help us to ensure students are prepared for the work that is ahead in the workplace,” Bee Drive in Sydney CEO Scott O’Brien said.

“We’re looking forward to working with the ED to help make sure Bee Drive In is the perfect place to get ready for a career in the industry.”

O’Brien says the Bee Drive restaurant is the “perfect place” to teach students the skills they need to succeed as a professional beekeeper, beekeeper operator or beekeeper in Australia.

“There’s been a lot of success for us at Bee Drive Inn in Sydney,” he said.

“The first two years we had over 100 beekeepers coming in to learn and learn and work with us and it was a really big success.”

Bee Drive in Melbourne is another of the locations being targeted by the ED.

The restaurant chain’s website said it was selected because of its “proven, internationally recognised and internationally renowned reputation as an operator of a range-based training programmes for students, with a focus on the culinary arts, including hospitality”.

“We are also looking to increase the number of students that we train for positions in our Melbourne-based restaurant franchise, which has grown in size and revenue over the last decade,” it said.

The new drive in NSW is part and parcel of a plan to increase “Bee-Friendly” in the state.

The Bee Drive business has been a “big success” for the chain and has been recognised for its “awesome, family-friendly and inclusive culture”.

“I think we’ve done a fantastic job in a very short time,” O’Briens said.

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