BMW to hire 400 more drivers in midwest to help its push for better fuel efficiency

BMW says it will hire 400 people to help it improve fuel efficiency in the midwest and other parts of the world.The automaker said the new hires will join a growing group of BMW employees in Europe and Asia who are looking to help accelerate its drive to develop electric and autonomous vehicles. BMW is also […]

Dallas driving school to add online driving school

Dallas driving camp is set to expand its online learning offerings, according to a news release from the Dallas Driving School.The Dallas Driving school, founded by former Apple Driving School coach Jason Hartman, will add an online driving course that will allow students to take a driving course online for free.The program will start with […]

Which commercial driver school is best?

Commercial driving school will provide you with an idea of the schools that are best for you.Here is our list of the top commercial driving schools in Australia.Find out the best Australian commercial driver schools for your school and your skills.

How fake driving schools get their students to drive for them

A drive through the Rustic Drive in Pittsburgh can be a sobering experience.For years, kids were trained in the ways of the old-school car companies, from their first driving lessons to their first license plates.But in recent years, the car companies have been cutting corners on the education.The latest example is a drive-through at a […]

How to become a roadmaster driving instructor

Driving instructors have the ability to train drivers with the knowledge and skills to safely drive in traffic.They are also often required to provide a course on road safety, and are typically responsible for teaching new drivers about traffic laws and road conditions.Here are the basics of driving, and what they all mean for you.What […]

How much does a Tesla Model S cost?

By now you probably know that if you want a Tesla, you’re going to need to get one.But what you may not know is that if it’s an Autopilot-equipped Model S, you can spend a little more money on the package than if you bought one from a Tesla dealer.The new pricing on Tesla’s Model […]

Texas drivers have to pass tiger driving course

The Texas Department of Transportation is launching a new driving school this week in Conroe, and some drivers are wondering if they need to learn how to drive a tiger.“It’s kind of a big deal,” said Conroe resident Kevin McCollum, who is a driver for a company called Tiger Driving School.“We drive through this lot […]

FourFour Two: Phil, Bick, and a new podcast – and a bunch of other stuff

FourFour2 – A new podcast, a new website, a few new features and some new content.The four of us sat down with Phil, the head of the Driving School, to talk about driving.How much has he driven over the years?What has he learnt from other drivers?We also caught up with the man who drove his […]

How to get a free car licence in Kerala

Kerala, India — How to get an auto licence in the State of Kerala, which has been hailed as the “Uber of India” has become the latest destination to launch its first-ever car licence online.The state government on Monday launched a new vehicle registration application online.The application process has been launched in partnership with the National […]

What you need to know about Joyce and Ingram’s driving schools

By Rajesh PrasadThe students of Joyce Driving School in Kerala’s Ernakulam district have earned a diploma after taking an Advanced Driving School (ADS) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.Joyce is an advanced driving school founded in 2013 and is currently a leader in the field.The university’s students take two courses in two days and then […]