Why the ‘dancing monkeys’ are ruining the road with their high-tech ‘vehicle’

A man with a camera strapped to his leg has taken his first video of the dancing monkeys, and it’s a spectacular sight.The video was filmed by Paul Kipp, a teacher at Jordan Driving School, in the Hamtramek Valley.Mr Kipp posted the video to YouTube with the caption: “I had a look at the monkeys […]

How to make a $10,000 scholarship at Cedeno Driving School

The Cedeno school in southwest Georgia is offering a $1,000 cash scholarship to anyone who can drive an actual car, or who knows someone who can.The school, which operates out of a former church and church-owned farmhouse, was established by Ed and Nancy O’Brien to help people learn how to drive safely.Ed O’Briens son, David, […]

When Jordan driving school is no longer a part of U-Drive

Driving school was a staple of the young men in Jordan, and for good reason.Jordan was the first country in the world to offer driver education in the 1960s and early 1970s.Driving school provided drivers with the training they needed to take the plunge and drive professionally.As of today, driving school has a total of […]

Which Israeli-Arab school is the best for Arab students?

CEDENO, Calif.— There are more than 5,000 Arab and Israeli students in the Israeli-Palestine school system, including about 5,500 who attend the private CEDENA School in Cedeno, Calif., which specializes in learning Arab culture.Its founder, Dr. Saeb Erekat, said that in recent years the number of Arab students in Israeli-Jewish-Arab schools has decreased by 50%.The […]

How to teach a driving school

tampa, Fla.— The owners of a school that teaches driving instruction and teaches drivers are taking the Florida Supreme Court’s latest decision on charter schools to task.The Florida Supreme court’s latest ruling overturns a Florida judge’s decision to halt the charter schools.The schools are currently operating in Hillsborough County, but the ruling does not require […]

How to drive safely with your school chinese driver

The Chinese driver in school in Brisbane’s south-east may not be the only learner who needs help learning the road, according to a new study.The Australian National University study found that about 60 per cent of learner drivers in the country had learner licences that required them to drive a car in the classroom.The study […]

How to drive a Porsche in Cazares Driving School

Driving a Porsche can be a daunting task, but if you can manage to get it done in Caminos Driving School, you will be able to enjoy a very rewarding experience.This is one of the most unique and challenging driving school in the world, and it is well worth it to have a look at.Caminados […]

ACME driving school: How to make your own car

Acme is launching a brand new school to help drivers learn how to drive cars, according to a report in the Australian Financial Review.The company is using a program that has already been approved by the Australian government, but is not yet on the road.The ACME school will teach drivers from age 12 to 30 […]

How to get a license to drive in Oklahoma

Oklahomans need to get their driver’s licenses in order to get on the road, and Oklahoma’s driving school is offering some of the most advanced lessons in the country.The driving school has two instructors and one instructor only, and they’re teaching new drivers how to drive on their own, with the instructor also giving them […]

How to drive on the road in 2019

When we first saw this photo, we were so excited! The car looks like it’s from the future, complete with futuristic styling and futuristic looks! In fact, the car has all the classic styling of the old Volvo XC90. We can see the front fenders, headlights, headlights hubcaps, rear fenders and taillights from the old car, but they […]