An Research of the Themes Within To Destroy a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

An Examination of the Themes Within To Eliminate a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The Themes directly into Destroy a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The novel To Destroy a Mockingbird succeeds in portraying the approach to life of a relaxed southern community in the

early 20th century. It shows the households, feelings, and bigotry of that time period. There are three main styles in the novel,

which are: justice isn't blind, mob rule isn't the way to fix things, and that you shouldn't dread or resent

something that hasn't performed anything to disturb existence. These themes are authentic in the novel and so are also true in day-to-day


[Nelle] Harper Lee was born and elevated in the heart and soul of the south. Lee's life and time period influences her

writing. Like her dad and Atticus Finch, Lee continued to review law. She left school in 1950 in order that she could head to

New York and be a writer. "Her rules studies became 'good training for a writer' because they enhance

logical thinking and because law conditions are a fantastic source for story tips" (Matuz 239). When her father

became ill, she was pressured to split her time taken between NY and Monroeville, Alabama. "In her native village she

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