An Intro to the Research of a Covenant

An Launch to the Research of a Covenant

A covenant is a binding agreement between two different people, in this instance between God and Abraham. The covenant that's shared between Abraham and God is usually a holy one which is usually to be completed for all eternity as depicted by God himself. That is referred to in the passages in the Bible from Genesis verses twelve through seventeen.

The covenant between Abraham and God commences in Haran when God informed Abram (before his name was altered to Abraham) to keep his region, his people, and his fathers home and visit the land that God reveals him. In that passage it previously implies that Abram has superb faith in God since he is willing keep everything that he is aware for practical doom in some foreign area. Gods assurance for doing this is actually the covenant itself, I will cause you to right into a great nation and I'll bless you; I can make your name great and you'll be a blessing; I'll bless those that bless you; and whoever curses you, I'll curse. God also gave Abram area for his relatives to flourish in and because of this he built two alters, one when he was initially informed of this surprise and the second was built between Ai and Bethel showing his gratitude for his covenant. The covenant between Abram and God was now established.

of God sticking with this covenant was where Abram visited rescue his nephew Lot, who was simply captured by the four kings. Lot and most of his possessions were recovered. I really believe this was as a result of the covenant

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