An Examination of Zhaxi Dawas and Jangbus Sights on Tibetan Culture and Culture within their Short Stories

An Research of Zhaxi Dawa's and Jangbu's Sights on Tibetan Contemporary society and Culture within their Short Stories

Writing Assignment 4


their short testimonies, Zhaxi Dawa and Jangbu both employ vivid imagery and

the genre of magical realism, although they make use of if in several ways

to convey their sights on Tibetan contemporary society and culture. Zhaxi Dawa

presents Tibet in a more negative manner. That is expected as he

was not subjected to Tibetan culture much later on in life and was

influenced far more by Chinese culture (MTLSC Ch. 9). As also noted

by Schiaffini-Vedani in MTLSC, his writing is much more

open-finished and the imagery will make the reader ponder whether

Dawa genuinely cared about the Tibetans. However, JangbuРІР‚в„ўs

imagery really helps to convey a feeling of sympathy for the Tibetans who had

to suffer from adjustments imposed by China.


short stories explore selected areas of old Tibetan culture, almost

always presenting it a poor way. In “Glory of the Wind

Horse,” Dawa evaluates the routine of revenge and emphasis located on

revenge and violence observed in traditional Tibetan way of life. Throughout,

the primary character Ugyen is generally striving to eliminate Pockface Sonam

Rigzin. Ugyen had under no circumstances met this man just before and he had not been even

genuinely sure why he wished to kill Pockface. Towards the finish, Ugyen

ponders why he previously even killed the person and felt that what

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